Fixed income investment portfolio tailored to fit your financial institution's needs.


Asset liability management adding income to your company's bottom line.


Mortgage servicing rights valuation helping you meet regulatory requirements.

Strategic Consulting

Designed to help you gain an advantage in an ever changing industry.

Merger Valuation

Purchase accounting analysis and support to evaluate or complete a merger.

Consultants to Financial Institutions

As a financial institution professional, you know this all too well as you have a multitude of tasks to manage and not enough time to efficiently complete them all. As SEC-registered investment advisors, McQueen Financial specializes in helping banks and credit unions achieve their objectives by saving them time and adding money to their bottom line.

As an SEC-registered investment advisor, McQueen Financial provides financial services to financial institutions. We do not work for commission and are fee based, compensated only by the fees paid by our clients. Our only interest is our clients’ best interest. McQueen Financial will provide your financial institution with expert, personal, professional and results oriented service.

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McQueen Financial Advisors
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